For Kia Germany, director Jonas Meyer, photographer Franz Grünewald and I portrayed cold water surfer Finn Springborn. The 27-year-old lives in the idyllic town of Klitmøller on the Danish North Sea coast and gets on his board day after day in temperatures where others wouldn’t even leave the house.
On behalf of REPUBLIC, the joint marketer of Frankfurter Allgemeine and Süddeutsche Zeitung, we accompanied Finn Springborn in his usual surfing routine for two days in January 2023. In the process, we not only immersed ourselves in the landscape shaped by wind and weather but were also able to experience live—from the dry beach—how Finn and other intrepid surfers throw themselves into the ice-cold waves with great fun.
The result was an extensive portrait in text, photograpghy and film, which was published in a special ad on the F.A.Z. and S.Z.websites on February 24.
Main credits:
Text & direction: Jonas Meyer
Camera, editing & grading: Steven Lüdtke
Photography: Franz Grünewald
Producer: Sebastian Jurksch
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