We had the great opportunity to shoot and produce the latest social media campaign for the brand Les Lunes. They intended to honour valentinesday with a campaign about love.
On two production days we had a lot fun and worked with such talented people. The outcome was a 62 second IGTV video plus 3 additional instagram reel videos.
Go have a look!
Production: Steven Lüdtke
Production Assistent: Khaled Badr
Regie: Jen Krause
Art Direction: Helena Kuhnen
DOP: Steven Lüdtke
1st AC: Felix M. Weber
Gaffer: Maximilian König
Set: Felix Weber & Maximilian Ebel
Hair & Make-Up: Berenice Amman
H&M Assistants: Samatha Pottmeier and Matthieu Loureiro
Styling: Fabio Pace
Assistant Styling: Pia Ahlert and Lucas
Musicproducer: Elmar Weyland
Voiceover Script: Katharina Weiß
Voiceover: Manon Kahle
Cast: Phio Huynh
Donna Maud Ubags
Yael Camille Elice Weijenberg
Rebecca Neumeyer
Deborah de Carvalho Romao
Bella Olguin
Emmanuella & Marianna Glasser
Carolin Kutz
Sabina and Lino
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