Bayer. Bauindustrieverband e.V.
Lead agency:
Creative direction:
Jonas Meyer
Steven Lüdtke
On behalf of Munich-based design agency ediundsepp and Berlin-based brand consultancy Kleinundpläcking, we created an entertaining social media campaign in June 2020 for their client, Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Bavarian Construction Industry Association).
The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness among young target groups by inspiring them to novel ideas for their school vacations—in times when open-air baths, cinemas, and other public spaces are all closed, not to mention one of the hottest summers ever.
Driven by the campaign’s claim, “1, 2, 3, Sommer,” we produced three light-hearted DIY-themed videos in Bavaria and Brandenburg, showing a group of construction industry apprentices building their own pool, some wooden chairs for an outdoor cinema, and a massive barbecue grill for use at home.
Part of the production concept was to film the three stories in such a way that, we could easily cut them in the post-production phase to 16:9, 4:5, and 9:16 formats according to the requirements of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With a length of 15 seconds, each video was quick to watch and fit perfectly into a single Instagram story.
Script and direction by Fred Funk, camera and editing by Steven Lüdtke.
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